Who We Are: Mat-Su Valley based business. We started by installing locking Cluster Box Units (CBUs) in our own neighborhood in 2003 and were subsequently asked to install them in other neighborhoods. We work with the Palmer & Wasilla Post Masters in order to provide mailboxes in a location near you. 

What We Provide: A way out... We're here to help you get CBUs into your own neighborhood. Say goodbye to: high rental prices, mail theft, and out-of-the-way stops. Say hello to: a locking mailbox on your own road and using your physical address as your mailing address.

How We Work: If you purchase a CBU from us, we will provide you with assistance in getting your unit operational. Alternatively, you may rent a mailbox from us in one of our installed locations.

Where We Have Installed: We currently have CBUs installed in 49 different locations throughout the Mat-Su Valley.

Please contact us with any questions about getting mailboxes in the Mat-Su Valley.



Matanuska Mailboxes, Inc.
6828 N Saint Herman St., Wasilla, AK 99654

Updated November 2, 2013